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Tips on Getting Scholarships For High School Students

It is the junior year in high school when students start getting bombarded with enormous amounts of information about colleges, acceptance exams, and scholarships. It is in this same time when the last thing on a junior’s mind is how are they going to pay for their college education; most students start dealing with college funding during their senior year of high school, if not even later than that.

The truth of the matter is that there are numerous scholarship opportunities available exclusively to high school juniors. The competition for said scholarship is minimal due to the lack of concern mentioned above. Junior year is the ideal time to start getting acquainted with websites devoted to assisting students find scholarships they qualify for such as:, and scholarship

These websites, as well as several others, are wonderful tools available to students hunting money for their college education. When juniors register with online scholarship guides they will be introduced to the processes and details applying for scholarships entails. It is also during junior students when students should start talking to their school counselors about their interests and goals for the future concerning post-secondary education.

School counselors are also able to help students find local scholarships which are available to them as juniors. It is also important that during this time juniors start working on a resume. Making a resume is not something you want to starting at the last minute as a senior; if you start your resume as a junior you will only need to add to it as your finish your last two years of high school.

Many scholarship applications require that a resume be included with the application. Constructing a resume is something your school counselor can assist you with as well. The main thing concerning scholarships as a junior is to take advantage of the ones available to you now and start getting familiar with the processes, what is available to you and what is required of you. This is the best way to start preparing yourself for the year to come and make it as simple as possible.

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