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Preparing for Successful and Safe School Trips

The top school travel companies have an excellent reputation for providing well-planned, safe and educational school trips. They are extremely useful when it comes to planning and organising a trip, but what about when your group is actually out there on the excursions? Being on your own in a foreign country can be a daunting thought, however the best school travel companies pride themselves on being with you every step of the way. They will offer comprehensive advice at every stage of your trip.

Useful Tips for Organisers

Representatives from the school travel companies will prepare you thoroughly, but the following tips may be worth considering as extra information.

Many of the resorts or hotels you may be staying in might have extra costs for certain things that may not be included in your quote. It is worth bearing this in mind and advising students to bring extra money for any added extras so they aren’t caught short.

When taking large groups of young people abroad it is recommended that they not take any jewellery or expensive electronic items such as iPads and laptops out in public. These items can attract attention and make your group a possible target for robberies.

While you will, of course, need local currency on arrival, it is always safer to take just what you need for the first few days then get more money out from a bank as you go. As the party leader, it is advised you take an emergency fund just in case it is needed to cover immediate medical expenses and the like.

A tip kitty is another great idea: when you are eating out or need to tip a local guide, the tip is given from the group and not individually. This means students will not need to carry pockets full of small change either. Make sure you read up on the tipping etiquette, as every country is different in what they expect. Some local guides and drivers rely on tips as a part of their wage and, although it is discretionary, it is also expected in many countries. Other countries, such as North America, add the service charge onto restaurant bills so no extra tip is required.

One of the main aspects of travelling abroad with a group of students is to be aware of the customs and culture of the country you are visiting. This is extremely important, and you should advise your students on dress code, manners and etiquette. Dressing appropriately is particularly important if you want to take your group into certain places of interest in Muslim countries, into churches and cathedrals in Europe, or into temples in Asia. It all comes down to respecting local culture and teaching students to do the same.

By doing your research, talking to school travel companies and learning more about the country to which you are taking your students, you will be better prepared to handle any situations that may arise on location.

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